If you can find porkaliciousness finer than that you see right here, then by all means, eat up, compadre.


When you’re in the mood for non-pulled pork, non-pork chop, non-bacon, crunchy, porcine deliciousness, there’s just no substitute for that classic, good ole snickety, sublime, snackalicious standby, pork rinds.

And as any pork rind aficionado knows, any old pork rinds will do, whether they’re plain, barbecue or hot.

After all, fried pork skin is fried pork skin, is fried pork skin, right?


All pork rinds were not created equal, mon ami.

There are pork rinds and then there are pork rinds.

And then there are the top hogs on the top rung, in the inner circle of the pork rind charcuterie.

Sure you can get by with your standard, garden variety, gas station fare in a pinch. But if you really want to step up your gastronomic gamification reperetoire, you gotta reach higher.

And the pinnacle of pork rind perfection are 4505 Meats Fried Pork Rinds.

And who pray tell in the hell are 4505 Meats and what makes them so damn special?

I’m glad you asked. And while I could tell you, here’s what their fancy website has to say:

“4505 Meats makes all natural, irresistibly delicious meaty snacks that dare you to eat the whole bag and won’t leave you feeling guilty. Our founder, butcher and chef, Ryan Farr, understands the importance of quality ingredients crafted with care. Better meat means we source exclusively from a collective of small family ranchers that practice sustainable and humane husbandry techniques. Our snacks are simply seasoned with the finest spices available and nothing more so you can taste the care and quality of better meat and enjoy snacks that won’t weigh you down.”

And lest you think that is all overzealous puffery created by surly overpaid Mad Men, one taste and you’ll know every word is true.

Now, if the name 4505 Meats doesn’t ring a bell, maybe that’s because you more than likely won’t find these bad boys in any roadside hovel. Thankfully, even if you can’t find them at your friendly neighborhood 7 Eleven or bodega, you can order them online at 4505meats.com.

Available in Classic Chili & Salt, Jalapeno Cheddar and Smokehouse BBQ flavors, each one is a porkalicious trip your taste buds won’t soon forget. For these are arguably the best pork rinds in this neck of the universe.

Try them and you have my personal guarantee that you will be happier than a pig in shite.


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