This place looks fancy to the eyes and to your taste buds.


Nothing makes a positive impression quite like a company or an organization or a place of business that pays attention to the details. Because it’s the little things that make a place stand out and practically guarantee the proprietors of said premises will not only see the smiling grill of yours truly on a recurrent business, not to mention a nonstop supply of dead presidents in tow. That will definitely be the case with Gooey’s American Grille in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Not only does this gastronomic Godsend serve up some of the tastiest casual fare in the (919) area code. Magnificent sandwiches with all the fixins, not the least of which must be mentioned – the homemade potato chips that will make your taste buds howl with delight. So, what details am I referring to specifically? Well, kindly direct your attention to the picture above. You will note if you’re paying close attention that someone behind the counter at Gooey’s had the consideration and concern that placing a pickle between the sandwich wrapper and my sandwich to keep my sandwich from getting soggy. Now, that, my friends, is attention to detail. And the guarantee of an iron-clad perpetual RSVP from me to return to Gooey’s from here on out. Mayhaps that’s why Gooey’s was just recognized as one of the “10 Hot Restaurants in the Triangle to Try Right Now” by


Look at that, would you? Pure, delicious genius, I tell you. Pure. Genius.

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