Really manly competitors will pretend their competitor’s arm is a wish bone and act accordingly.


If you are looking for a sure way to prove your manliness, unfold your arm, and bend it like Beckham. Or to be more accurate, like the letter “V”, for victory. Why? Arm wrestling is a great test of your manliness. And unlike picking fights with bouncers, you will be far less likely to have your ass handed to you.

Plus, so easy, it’s simple. No, really. The object of the game is to merely pin the other guy’s arm down or to make him scream like a baby kitten that just got his tail caught under a rocking chair piloted by Jabba The Hut.

And the best way to insure no chance of a rematch is to snap the other guy’s arm clean off. (This also significantly reduces the probability that anyone else will want a piece of you.)


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