As a matter of fact, no. Sadly, your eyes do not deceive you. Somehow, this guy really is actually the current sitting POTUS. So, if you’re thinking the United States Of America has finally officially jumped the shark, you are correct.


There’s a variation on an old joke you’ve heard a thousand times. You know the one. “How can you tell (insert name here) is lying? Their lips are moving. Well, that’s an understatement for the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Pretty much every time he opens his cake hole he’s lying. Like the time(s) during his campaign when he said he was going to make Mexico pay for a wall to keep Mexicans in Mexico. It was a lie then. It’s a lie now. He knew it was a lie then. He knows it’s a lie now. So, he knew there was no way that wall would ever get built without American taxpayers footing the bill. And the asshole that he is, he is now abusing his power threatening the members of his own party that if they don’t provide funding in their next budget to build the wall, that he’s going to shut the entire U.S. Government down. What comes next? Who knows? One thing I do know. Whatever President Dumbelldore says, believe just the opposite.


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