Your taste buds won’t know it’s precooked. Your taste buds aren’t that smart.


Look, to me, bacon is just one of those things. One of those delectable things that is just so damn delicious, that it damn near makes practically ANY food it’s added to, taste better. In fact, it might take me a minute to think of anything it DOESN’T improve. It’s that damn good. Whether as a side, or a main course. The thing about bacon that is hard to deny is that if you’re not ordering it from a restaurant menu, it’s almost always a pain in the ass to cook – no matter what technique you use. Well, that was the case, until recently. Some genius, and there’s really no other word for them than that, had the idea to package cooked bacon and sell it. So, now all you have to do is heat it up, and serve it. MMMMM. MMMMM. MMMMMM good. Deliciousness worthy of the Nobel Feast Prize.


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