Artificial sweeteners suck. Good thing this stuff isn’t artificial. It’s all natural. And it’s all good. So good, it’s actually kinda creepy.


I don’t know about you, but I cannot tell a lie – I have a serious sweet tooth. I also have a ridiculously slow metabolism, so that’s not exactly a recipe for success when it comes to maintaining a reasonably sane and healthy lifestyle. And while I can’t always get my sweet tooth fix from eats and drinks that will keep my primary care physician from harassing me, I am constantly on the lookout for foods, products and ingredients that will help me to do just that. One such gem, that I can’t recommend highly enough is the Sweetleaf line of sweeteners. Unlike all those artificial sweeteners out there that are a crime against humanity because they taste like they came out of a sloth’s ass, or they’ve been known to cause cancer in animals and humans, this stuff is natural and it tastes so good it’s actually a little unnerving. I’ve tried it in just about every form it’s sold in and you can’t go wrong any way you use it. My favorite are the drops. You only need about 5 drops in a 12 ounce can of sparkling water, or about 30-35 drops in a big cup of coffee. The plain version is my fav, but they’re all quite good. So, if you have a sweet tooth like mine and your long term goal in life doesn’t include plans to look like Jabba The Hut or Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies, you simply must try this stuff.


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