Question: Which trivia games gives you a trivia fix twice daily? If you guessed HQ, you guessed correctly!


Jeopardy is a great gameshow for people who consider themselves to be closet know-it-all. You get to pat yourself on the back for knowing a bunch of facts that nobody but you and Alex Trebek care about and you get to avoid all the side eye you’d get for being a trivia nerd in public.

Well, know there’s a trivia gameshow app you can fire up twice a day to satisfy your trivia addiction, your secret joy at showing off how much you know to the world, PLUS a chance to win some extra pocket change.

It’s called HQ and every day at 3pm and 9pm EST, when you login, you get a chance answer 12 questions, varying in difficulty from embarrassingly easy to pretty damn difficult – but even the really hard ones are all in good fun. And you either know the answers or you don’t.

Having a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt, because the game is hosted by Scott Rogowsky, a witty wordsmith who keeps the quips and one-liners coming rapid fire from beginning to end.

The tough part is having to know the answer in 10 seconds. So, you have to think and think fast. Prizes range anywhere from $2500 to the biggest payday thus far – $250,000. Most games have multiple winners, so the money split up, usually doesn’t add up to much.

But hey, who plays for the money? This ain’t Jeopardy. This is trivia heaven and the reward is knowing you can get your trivia fix twice-a-day, for free. Which means in this game, even if you lose, you win.


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