Either this guy is working on his car or he’s about to be eaten by it.

One of the rites of Manhood is learning how to work on your own wheels. Not only is it manly to get under the hood and get your hands dirty, it’s also a smart skillset to have at your disposal to save yourself some serious jack. No, really. Have you ever taken a close look at the specific cost breakdown of auto repair? Almost always, the most expensive part of the bill is labor cost. Seriously, repair shops have no problem charging you $70-$90 per hour and dealership thrilled to have you part ways with your hard earned scratch to the tune of $80-$125 per hour. So, the more you can do yourself, the less you’ll feel like you’ve been robbed of your loot and more importantly, your Manhood. Unless you bought a crappy motor vehicle, that is in the shop more often than not, most auto repairs are a lot less complicated than you think. I’ve changed the oil, replaced the water pump, changed the bulbs of halogen headlights and taillights, and really simple repairs like replacing windshield wiper blades and refilling the coolant in the air conditioning – repairs auto body shops and dealership repair shops will gladly charge you to do. I’m no grease monkey gearhead, so my mechanical skills leave much to be desired. So, I’m not some idiot savant that just winged my way to success with these minor repairs. I did what any reasonable intelligent manly man would do: I learned how to unleash my inner sheet metal mechanic watching YouTube videos. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you undertake major repairs like replacing an engine block or putting in a new transmission, but there’s just no excuse for wasting good money you could be spending on chicken wings and strip clubs to do minor work on your motor ride. Who knows, doing so might even grow some extra hair on your chest.

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