If you look up the word stud in the dictionary and this guy isn’t pictured, well then somebody needs a new dictionary.

We’re exactly one month out to the day from the first regular season game in the 2017 NFL football season and something is rotten in the NFL. Namely, the fact that Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback for the San Francisco 49’ers after opting out of his contract doesn’t have a job. Don’t believe me? Check your latest Fantasy Football cheat sheet.

Now, keep in mind, this is a guy who actually took his team to the Super Bowl. Remember that? Yeah, that Colin Kaepernick. The same Colin Kaepernick who after standing up for what he believes in, putting his career and livelihood at risk, was subjected to a season full of harassment, criticism and bloodthirsty contempt. And the very same Colin Kaepernick, who in the spotlight and under the constant weight of all of this outside criticism still won the 49ers’ Len Eshmont award, as voted on by his teammates. What’s the Len Eshmont award you ask? Just the 49ers’ most prestigious annual honor. The most sacred award given each year to the 49ers player who his teammates believe best exemplifies the ‘inspirational and courageous play’ of Len Eshmont” a the 49er’ legendary player the award was named in honor of. Previous winners have included Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Roger Craig, and Dwight Clark.

So you would think receiving this highly prized award would leave no doubt about the support he received in the team locker room, even after Kaepernick chose to kneel during the playing of the national anthem before each game all season in symbolic protest of police brutality and racial inequalities in the U.S. And even after he was ridiculed and called out by countless political pundits, professional athletes and celebrities, even though he made it crystal clear in a statement that his intent was not to disrespect the military with his actions.

Not to mention the fact that Kaepernick had to overcome several injuries to win his starting job back and starting every game since Week 6. So, while numerous NFL players who have beaten their wives, abused animals, been arrested for DUIs, gun charges, and other illegal acts, some numerous times, still have jobs in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback far talented than some of the other qbs with jobs, does not.

So to all of you NFL owners out there, along with commissioner Robert Goodell, shame on you. And shame on the league for not taking a stand for a man who took a knee to right one of the greatest wrongs of our time. NFL Players Union, are you listening? I’m talking to you.

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