This sports documentary has something for everyone. Especially everyone who likes sports. And documentaries.

This documentary series on Netflix is a must watch for sports fans and fans of the study of human behavior. It takes an unflinching behind the scene look at college athletics at a junior college or “juco” as they are more commonly known by within the culture of those who live in this world. The show’s title is derived from the simple truth for many of the players featured in the series, that it’s their last chance to play football on the next level. For many of the players at East Mississippi State Community College, their time at the school is just a pit stop on the way to bigger and better things. These exceptional athletes ended up at EMCC after receiving scholarships to D1 programs for a variety of reasons – unrelated to their potential on the athletic field. If they play their cards right, EMCC could be just the reboot they need to get their shit and their lives together, so they can pursue gridiron glory on the biggest stage in college sports – and for some of them, possibly even a career in the NFL. EMCC just so happens to be the best juco in the country, with a coach who knows how to win, but seems clueless as to how to win the love and respect of his players. Many of the players he coaches come from broken homes and need guidance and attention more than what 10th year head Coach Buddy Stephens in all his assholery is willing to give. Sure, many of the young men on his team act like entitled athletes who have been coddled practically since birth, but there are complex explanations for their behavior that are heart breaking and hard to watch. Fortunately, the school’s academic advisor Britanny Wagner was willing to give her young charges both love and tough love when they needed it most. In fact, I would say she’s more responsible for the success of EMCC’s football program than the head coach. Watch the show and you’ll see what I mean. If you love 30 for 30 and E:60 on ESPN, you’ll love Last Chance U.

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