Your taste buds are going to be in an uproar until they have their fill of this tasty fried pork gratuitous goodness.


One of the most essential elements of any successful road trip is the grub you take with you on said road trip. You see, road trips aren’t just an opportunity to get in into your car, get out of town and get away from everything to engage in a little gratuitous R&R. They’re a chance to partake of all sorts of manly grub you usually avoid, whether it’s to make your significant happy or to keep your general practitioner from giving you warnings about your impending doom due to your choice of victuals. In other words, don’t just grab random snacks. Think about it. Plan ahead. And choose wisely. Here are some suggestions:

Pork rinds.




Bacon jerky.


Slim Jims.

Milk shakes.

Moon Pies.


Candy bars.

I could go on. The general gist is, if it’s good for you or healthy in any way, it’s a poor choice for road trip grub. So, if you’re ever spotted with anything remotely healthy on a road trip, unless it’s a matter of life or death, you, my friend, must immediately abscond with your man card. I’m just kidding. Even if it is a matter of life and death, your days of sitting at the roundtable of manliness are over if you can’t get with the road trip edibles program.


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