Funny. It doesn’t look like it’s actually spraying poo onto your just washed hands, but whudoyuhknow it is.

 I don’t know who the genius was that thought that installing dryers in bathrooms to blow hands dry after washing one’s hands, but let me just say right here and now, that was a tremendously stupid idea. And whomever approved it was a dickhead by association. Blow drying hands is not now, nor has it ever, been an even remotely clever idea.

And it’s not just stupid. It’s disgusting. Scientists have known for years, that when a lidless toilet is flushed, butt butter literally fills the air causing a delightful phenomenon known, as a “toilet plume”.

Take a wild guess where it ends up. If you guess onto your clean, just washed, hands, scientists say you’ve guessed correctly. In fact, a recent study found that hand dryers and spray 18-60 colonies of bacteria, spores and harmful pathogens in a bathroom,  as compared to on fewer than one colony on average in bathrooms that have paper towels. .

Long story short: Hand blow dryers don’t just blow. They suck.


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