Knowing it’s nunchukas and not numbchucks not only makes you appear wise, it also makes the blows you strike on the domes of your enemies smart that much more. And who doesn’t want those blows to hurt that much more? No one, I tell you. No one.


It pretty much goes without saying that mastering the use of manly weapons, like the one pictured here is manly as hell. So, if you have put a dent in the local baddie population with the manly weapon of your choice, kudos to you, comrade. You know what else is manly? Knowing the correct spelling of the manly weapons in your repertoire. In fact knowing both the use and spelling of said weaponry could be the difference in the heat of battle, of merely dazzling enemies against overwhelming odds with one’s athletic prowess and using the dual power of one’s weapon-wielding capabilities and simultaneously commandeering of the elocution of the entomology of your tools of terror whilst also giving them a verbal beat down. If you’d like to see this principle in action, I highly recommend investing some time taking in cinematic gems such as “The Deadpool”, “Deadpool”, “Hellboy”, “Diehard”, and the like.



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