This little piggy went into the Manliness Hall Of Fame.


Yeah. I know. I know. Anyone tough enough to play football in the NFL is manly by default, but  Ronnie Lott took manliness to a whole other level. Sure, Jack Youngblood and Terrell Owens played in postseason games and Super Bowls with fractured bones. And Steve Young kept right on playing QB for the 49ers after suffering numerous concussions.

Ronnie tops them all. All this  10-time Pro Bowler and a six-time first team All-Pro defensive back did is help lead the Niners to four Super Bowl victories in the 1980’s.

Oh. And then there’s the fact that he had his pinkie, which was crushed during a game voluntarily amputated in the spring of 1986 to avoid the possibility of having to sit out the upcoming season that would have followed the reconstructive surgery to save his finger.

Now that, my campaneros is the epitome of manliness.



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