This guys is as shocked as we are at the way this bad boy ended.


If, like me, you’re a fan of Game Of Thrones, the most watched TV series in history, you know last night was the final episode.

You also know that, after the amazing journey you accompanied all of the many characters that lived and died along the way, that now that it’s all come to an end that there is a hole in you that cannot be filled.

Of course, that is always the way it goes when a worthwhile, mutually beneficial relationship comes to and end. You never want the way it makes you feel to stop, yet you know it’s inevitable that it will.

The only thing worse than the ride coming to a screeching halt is the feeling that, when all said and done, that the place you ended up was far less than you bargained for.

Such is the case with the final airing of the Game Of Thrones. A series finale 8 years in the making. After being set up with arguably the greatest storytelling in the history of the medium only to be spoon fed a conclusion that was more insulting than entertaining, it’s no wonder that diehard (including, yours truly) fans of the show feel like they’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled for a plethora of reasons I won’t go into here.

One only has to Google it to see precisely what I mean. Suffice it to say that now that all 73 of the show’s episodes are a part of television history, those of us who take entertainment even remotely seriously will have to give the place Game Of Thrones some time to think about where it should rate in the pantheon of TV’s greatest shows.

I, for one, have been raving about the show to my family and friends who have never seen it and now I am wondering if I sold them a false bill of goods. The show had the potential to be the greatest ever and now that possibility is as hard to fathom as Jon Snow taking a seat on the one throne that sat higher than all the rest.


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