Note: Ideas inside tiny notepads may be bigger than they appear.


As a writer, you never know when inspiration will strike. And even in the high-tech world we’re living in right now, with smart phones, apps and digital devices that do everything and then some, there’s just no substitute for a pen and paper. And there’s no better version of that particular setup than the mini-note pads you can buy that are the perfect size to fit in your pocket. There are two basic ways you can go: Notepads with Spirals on top or spirals on the side. I prefer the version with the spirals on the side. Why? Because the covers last a lot longer and that’s key. Because a notebook without a cover on it is about as useful as fishing waders with holes in them. So, if you’ve not yet discovered the surest way I know to capture inspiration the moment it strikes, do yourself a favor and invest in some mini-note pads and pens. You’ll love how handy they are and you may be surprised at how much more productive and creative you are just knowing you have this staple of serious writers everywhere always within arms-reach away.



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