I defy you to walk past all this ready-made deliciousness without hoisting one or two into the old shopping cart.


There are times when nothing, and I mean nothing is more satisfying to my taste buds than a piping hot and delicious baked chicken. It’s so scrumptious and delectably delicious that just thinking about it makes my tongue hard. Now, not long ago, unless you were at a restaurant or a drive-thru fast food joint, the only way to experience all that poultry perfection was to prepare it yourself. Which wasn’t the most challenging production to pull off, but it still meant hopping in your ride, going to a store, choosing your bird, driving back home, preparing, seasoning and cooking it up, in an oven, or one of those fancy rotisserie ovens you ordered in a drunken haze of late-night-TV.

Well, no longer do you have to suffer that insane inconvenience. Now all you have to do, is hop in your ride and go to any grocery store or big-box store and for less than the price of a raw chicken, you can now buy an actual, perfectly cooked yard bird, hot and heavenly, ready-to-eat as fast as you can get that bad boy out of the display case containing it.

Now, that my friends, is what I call a most wondrous First World Win for all.


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