Your taste buds are about to get a delightful ass whupping they never saw coming.


Just because you have a sweet tooth every now and then doesn’t mean you have to go all sweet on your taste buds. And while there’s certainly nothing wrong with indulging your desire to chase a manly meal with a little dessert deliciousness, there’s really no need to put your manliness on the back burner when you do so.

Not when you can ply you pie hole with the delectable candy you see here. They’re called Pop Rocks and if you’ve never had the pleasure, you’re in for a real treat. You see, this is no ordinary candy.

This is a candy that kicks ass and takes names. No matter what flavor you choose, whether it’s Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Green Apple or Sour Strawberry, the end result is always the same. When you pop them in your mouth, they pop back. Wreaking all kinds of havoc causing the equivalent of what can only accurately be described as a bar fight in your mouth. Seriously.

These tiny candy crystals literally explode in your mouth, due to the carbon dioxide they contain, that, when they come into contact with moisture, dissolve, releasing the gas which causes all that crackling to take place.

In case you didn’t know, Pop Rocks were invented by accident by William A. Mitchell, a career research chemist who worked for General Foods. He stumbled onto these tasty tidbits while trying to create the “instant soft drink” version of carbonated soda. And though they were patented in 1956, they didn’t turn up on store shelves until 1975.

Since then, they have been bum rushing unsuspecting taste buds with abandon, making ordinary candy that just sits in your mouth pale by comparison. And IMHO, making it the manliest mass-produced candy confection on the planet.


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