Say, how’d you like a nice knuckle sandwich to go with that power play?


If you’re perplexed as to what kind of sport qualifies as one that is without question manly, I give you ice hockey. Sure, they use some of the same gear figure skaters employ, namely ice skates, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. And lest you forget, on the right feet those very same skates can be used to slice and dice meat and veggies in mid-air and are also an excellent way to perfectly nick jugular veins and initiate impromptu decapitations. But back to hockey. What else need be said other than the simple truth that Any sport where fisticuffs are not only condoned, but encouraged is the bare-knuckled essence of manliness. And when it’s your day job, well, hell, that’s a whole other level of manliness. So, yeah, hockey is manly. Which by default means players are also manly.





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