Three strikes and you’re out. Yeah, that’s right. Even you, Apple.


There was a time, not so long ago, when you would buy any product from Apple and you knew that even though whatever you bought was ridiculously pricey, it was, in fact, worth the price. Well, these days I’m really starting to wonder if that’s still the case.

Sure, every product I own, from my iPhone and iPad, to my MacBook Air and my MacBook Air are exponentially more expensive than their PC counterparts. Because, well, they’re Macs. And PCs are, well, PCs.

If you’re a Mac user, who used PCs before become a slave to the Mac ecosystem (And if you’re a Mac user, you know EXACTLY what I mean) I don’t even need to go into any detail. Apple products are just far superior in every way.

And especially in the ways that matter most. Such as ease of use. Intelligent design. And the ridiculously intuitive user interface on everything they make.

Well, I just had an experience that makes me feel that if Steve Jobs got wind of it, would no doubt make him role in his grave. I had an iPhone less than 3 years old go bad on me. And by “go bad”, I mean, the phone was operating on its own. Opening apps, writing text messages and making calls, without any interaction from me.

I did some research (you know, I “Googled” it) and found out that the sensors in my touch screen had gone bad. The only fix is a new phone. So, I set up an appointment at the Apple Store near me, where I was given the option of buying a brand new replica of my current iPhone. The brand new phone worked perfectly when I was in the store, but when I got home, it mysteriously did not. Of course, I was told by the Apple Genius, that this never happened.

So, a couple days later I made another appointment, received another phone, which worked perfectly in the store, and then, you guessed it, when I got back home, it was deader than dead. And again, I was told by the Apple Genius I met with this time, that this never happens.

And yet it did.

So, I made ANOTHER appointment and was given a 3rd, brand new iPhone out of the box and thankfully, this one worked.

 And it’s a damn good thing it did. Because that Google Pixel phone was starting to looking pretty damn good.


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