Trolls and trolling are assholes and assholish – both of which should be avoided like the plague.


Back in the day, when you wanted to bully someone you had to at least have the balls to show up and do it in person, one-on-one. Now, thanks to social media, cellular towers and mobile apps, you can hide behind the anonymous comfort of your LCD, firewalls and screen names to bully anyone and everyone you like to your heart’s content without fear of repercussion.

There’s a term for people who do this which I’m sure you already know: Troll. The word happens to be a noun and a verb meaning any person or behavior that intentionally incites, angers or frustrates someone else online. If you spend anytime on Facebook, Instagram or Reddit, you’ve no doubt seen trolls and trolling in action. It happens most often as a part of online discussions where trolls post comments, videos, memes, quotes and statements with the intent to piss others off.

IMHO, trolls and trolling are not worth your time or effort. When all is said and done, allowing yourself to be influenced by their often juvenile behavior is a colossal waste of time. One that has no benefit other than passing time which could be much better spent improving your eye-hand coordination playing Black Ops or binge watching TV shows like Vikings, Taken, Frontier or Jack Ryan.


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