Well, well, well. Turns out this dude is even creepier than the creepiest characters he’s played on camera. And if you know his work, you know that’s really saying something.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Alan Davidson/Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock (7528231au)

Newsflash: Kevin Spacey #YouToo

Sorry Mr. Spacey. Saying that you don’t remember sexually assaulting someone (a minor, no less) and then trying to absolve yourself of your guilt with a disingenuous apology is not just going to cut it. No way. No how. Not in the #metoo world we’re living in today. Not at any time ever again.

Now, you may honestly not remember behaving inappropriately with actor Anthony Rapp in 1986, but if you did so, as he alleges, you owe him more than “the sincerest apology” you made on Twitter. Perhaps meeting him face to face or giving him a few minutes of your time on the phone might be in order?

One thing is for sure. Using your reprehensible behavior as an opportunity to come out as a gay man is an insult to others in your community who don’t have your wealth or station to insulate them from the pain and abuse they still may have to deal with in their everyday life just being open and honest about who they truly are.

Choosing to live now as a gay man who wants to deal with your sexuality honestly and openly is all well and good. Trying to get a pass for your past crimes and misdemeanors, whether your victims are gay or straight, is not.

And if you truly had as much respect as you claim to have for Anthony Rapp as an actor, maybe you should think about showing him as much respect as a human being by giving him an honest apology instead of passive aggressively sheltering yourself with an impersonal, insincere tweetpology. Applauding Mr. Rapp for having the courage to tell his story wouldn’t hurt either.


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