If you scratch my back, I’ll… Well, I’ll do pretty much anything you like, Ma’am. And it would be my pleasure.


For many, the concept of chivalry is a word with meaning only in the past tense. The vestige of a bygone era. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, you may not see it everywhere you look in this “look at me, world” of Facebook, Instagram and selfies. But chivalry is not dead or gone. There are still some of us out and about keeping it alive and kicking. Keep your eyes open and you see it. It’s there in every door held open for a lady. Every elderly person helped across the street. Every coat offered up to protect significant others from the elements. Every umbrella hoisted above to shield members of the opposite sex from rain or sleet or ice or worse. Every intervention against anyone would lay their hands upon a woman. If you’ve searched high and low and you’re still seeing no signs of its existence, maybe think about finding yourself a new group of people to surround yourself with. Like yours truly, for instance.


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