You can spend a lot more money and get a lot less pen.


As a scribe, even in this high-tech world of laptops and tablets, where the need to actually “write” anything has gone the way of the word processor, from time to time, putting pen to paper actually does become necessary. When that happens, make sure you have a proper writing instrument. The good news there is, you don’t have to spend a shit ton of money for a decent pen. In fact, my favorite pen is one you can get at Dollar Tree, for, you guess it, one dollar. It’s called the R-2 made by Inc. and it is a marvel of ink pen technology. I bought my first one on a fluke, unaware of the pure, unadulterated delight that awaited me the first time I uncapped one of those bad boys. Needless to say expectations were low. I procured this unassuming pen from Dollar Tree, remember? Not Tiffany’s. No. Dollar Tree. In a pack of three. For ONE DOLLAR. I remember my initial reaction as I scribbled out one of my genius ideas on one of the note pads I carry on my person at all times. It was so smooth and buttery and effortless. Like rubbing warm massage oil into the firm, supple buttocks of a prima ballerina or a yoga instructor. (And yes, I know what that’s like because I’ve actually rubbed warm massage oil into the firm, supple buttocks of a prima ballerina AND a yoga instructor). So, if you like that sorta thing in the form of a almost damn near too smooth writing instrument, you’ve come to the right ink well.


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