You can’t see them in this picture, but this guy has a huge set of man eggs on his person.

If you think Edward Snowden is a traitor, you’re not paying attention. This guy risked his career, his reputation, his life, and perhaps most importantly, a PRIME piece of ass to tell us what the U.S. Government is doing when we’re not looking. You might think that’s treason. I think it’s gangster as fuck. And they were doing some truly scandalous things, without any checks and balances. Now maybe you don’t care that the NSA can scope your phone records without cause, access the servers of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and numerous others, spies on foreign leaders without their knowledge, and not just the bad guys – our allies, can see literally EVERTHING YOU DO ON THE INTERNET, with a program called XKeyscore, forces companies to build “backdoor” access to their customer’s personal information without their knowledge, collects over 200 million text messages and so much more. This is the part where I’ll remind you once again, that if not for Edward Snowden, neither me, you, or ANY of us would know ANY of what I just mentioned. So you can call the man a Benedict Arnold if you want, but if you take a minute to ponder everything you’ve just read as a citizen of an “allegedly” free country, you’ll come to the same conclusion I have. And that conclusion is, Edward Snowden is a true Patriot in every sense of the word.

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