See this in here? Now this right here is some seriously good eatin’.

There’s only one thing better than freshly prepared food. That one thing? Day old or older freshly prepared food. You GOTTA love it. Seriously. It’s all about the chemistry involved. Foods that taste better the 2nd day or later taste that way because the ingredients have time to get to know each better and cohabitate up close and personal, bending the delicious juices and other sordid savory constituents to their will, in all their delectable scrumptiousness. I DEFY you to tell me that the following foods are not better as leftovers:



Pot Roast

Chicken Salad



Chicken Casserole

Beef Stew




In fact, if these foods don’t taste better after Day One, it must be because they tasted like a complete and utter train wreck on Day One.

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