The only possible good thing that could come from you eating at a chain restaurant while traveling is if you happened to choke on the food.


What’s my number one pet peeve with my fellow human beings when it comes to culinary pursuits? Hey, thanks for asking! That’s an easy one. I absolutely hate the fact that people who, when they travel out of town for business or pleasure, instead of hopping onto Yelp, being bold and living a little, always default to a chain restaurant for their sustenance. And you know who you are. And you know to which “eateries” I’m referring.






Bob Evan’s.

And too many more to name here.

My point is, why would you spend money at these national conglomerates when you could help support privately owned restaurants, many of them neighborhood institutions that create magic served up daily, not to mention employing hard working people who love what they do and who love nothing more than pleasing people who chose their establishment over the kind I mentioned above. Please think about that the next time you’re considering making a total dick move by going to a chain restaurant when you could keep your eating shenanigans in the family.


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