Some men need to keep a close watch on their manliness, so as not to backslide to the point at which their manliness is no longer evident. Or nonexistent. Trust me, it happens to the best of you.

This can be brought on by many things. Things such as: Being relegated to drive a minivan – and worse, feeling obligated to pretend that you actually enjoy it. Holding your significant other’s lady bag whilst she tries on clothes in a department store. Eating food that’s actually good for you.

Fortunately, getting back to your manly self is a no brainier. Just do the things that are second nature to a manly man like yourself. Binge on manly movies. Eat manly food. Make manly mayhem. Wrestle an alligator. Body slam a bear. Drink expired milk.

You get the idea. Do more manly things and do less unmanly things. Make sense? Thought so.



This guy is foolish. Foolish, but oh so manly. Do not attempt this at home. Or at a zoo. Or in the wild.


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