FYI, manliness goes great with coffee.

This guy doesn't think too highly of men who hide their manliness.

This guy thinks very little of men who deny their manliness.


Nothing should give you greater pride than your inherent Manliness. Nothing. Not that overpriced undersized import you drive. Not all that hardware you have in your trophy case that proves you really were the B.M.O.C back in the day. Not that little black book in the back of your mind keeping tally on how many milfs you’ve made scream your name into a pillow, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

That’s right, not even that. You see, Manliness, when done properly – is a very powerful thing. Manliness makes shit happen. Manliness gets shit done. Manliness is the great equalizer that makes class, social status and wealth irrelevant.

And it’s always on display. Which is where you want it. For, Manliness plants a stake in the ground for all the world to see – in more ways than you know. It sends a powerful nonverbal message to other men in the near vicinity that they probably ought to think twice about tangling with you.

It sends sexual menuendos to unsuspecting seduce-worthy women that you are secure in your masculinity which infers that you have a high sperm count – and further, that your boys are freakish swimmers sure to make it to the promised land.

Long story short? It says you are cool in an authentic way that makes other men subconsciously want to BE you.

So, never hide from, tone down, make excuses for, or deny your Manliness. When you start up your Manliness, there’s no telling how far you will go.


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