The only catch is, you have to remember where you put these bad boys down before you attach ’em to all your other crap.

If you’re like me, your mind is already chock full of too many other things to be concerned about remembering where you leave valuables like, say, your wallet, your car keys, your backpack and your gym bag. You know, thinking of things like NFL Football, Sex, Chicken Wings, Breasesesses, Chorizo and Video Games. Good thing you no longer have to. These days, all you need to remember is to pony up a few duckets to order any number of tracking devices you can add to just about any valuable that has a way for you to attach it to. Less than the size of a quarter and right about the same thickness, this miracles of modern technology allow you to sync them up with the GPS capabilities of your smartphone and tablet. I prefer Tile and Trackr, but there are many others to choose from. NOTE: Tile is a subscription device, so you have to replace them once a year. Trackr on the other hand uses a replaceable battery you can find pretty much anywhere. Check the ratings and see which offers the features and price you want. Either way you go, having these bad boys at the ready is a much better alternative than cluttering your already spoken for brain meat.


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