This guy wears a kilt. Just try taking his Man Card away and see what happens.


Some men think that as a man, there are some colors that are strictly off limits. Same goes for certain articles of clothing. By that I mean, they believe that there’s an unwritten law that dictates that certain colors and certain things just shouldn’t be worn by men under any circumstances – and especially by Manly Men. To which I say, bullshit.•

Just like clothes don’t actually make the man, what color a man wears doesn’t automatically negate one’s manliness. Whoever came up with the idea that wearing pink, or lilac or fucsia or whatever the general consensus is for what is “feminine” takes color a little too seriously. And any man who wears those colors, and colors like them, is keenly aware of the fact that doing so draws women they find sexually attractive to them like bees to honey. Apparently that is a turn on for them.

Somehow, those colors say to these women that men who aren’t afraid to wear them are secure in their masculinity. Which is kind of the point. If you know who you are, then you know that as long as you exude that truth, which is the essence of manliness, then you can get away with wearing any color you so choose on your person.

So, go for it. Break out the pastels. Embrace all the colors of the rainbow. Strut your stuff like the colorful and dashing peacock you are. Wear open toe sandals if the spirit so moves you. Hell, wear a kilt if, as was the case with Sir William Wallace, that’s what blows your skirt up. Just don’t drive a pink car. Ever. That’s just wrong on too many levels to name here. So let’s just leave it at that, shall we?


(*Unless it’s clothing that resembles anything infants or toddlers would wear. Never do that. EVER.)

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