If this doesn’t make you hungry, you must have already eaten.


I love sushi. It’s my favorite food to eat, period. In fact, I’m a sushi snob. I’ve eaten at some of the finest sushi restaurants in America. In LA. New York. Chicago. Austin. San Diego. Las Vegas. San Francisco. You get the idea. If it’s sushi, I will pretty much eat anything on the menu. The two things I’m a little dubious about are mackerel and uni, or sea urchin. Mackerel, you can have. That oily fish does nothing for me, although I can see why seals have a thing for it. Uni, on the other hand? That, I can take or leave. Other than that, if you put it on my plate, don’t blink. I love tuna, salmon, yellowtail, flounder, crab, octopus and my favorite fish, white tuna. But my favorite of all is eel. Unless you’ve had it, you probably just threw up a little bit in your mouth just reading the word. I can understand that. They’re not the most handsome looking creatures you’ve ever seen. They do clean up very nice on a sushi tray though I must say. And the taste? Incredible. They’re so good, I save them for dessert. You heard right. Meat. Protein. For dessert. If you’ve not had eel yet, let me just be the first to tell you that you’re missing out in ways I can’t even explain. If you have, no explanation is necessary. So if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, the next time you find yourself about to partake of raw fish and rice from any half way decent sushi place, do your taste buds a favor and treat them to the best thing you’ll ever have in a sushi restaurant. Eel.

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