This is not real crab meat. Kind of explains why it doesn’t taste like real crab meat, doesn’t it?


This is a message to all you sushi restaurant owners, sushi chefs and waiters and waitresses out there who work at sushi restaurants who like to pretend that imitation crab meat in any way, shape, or form, in ANY WAY resembles or tastes like actual crab meat. Here goes: Imitation crab meat does not in any way, shape, or form, resemble or taste like actual crab meat. And you want to know why? It’s not made from real crab meat. It’s made from fish, then processed with God knows what, then processed and formed apparently from the same machine that makes plywood – only plywood tastes better. So, FYI, you’re not fooling anyone when you substitute that garbage for real crab meat. And you’re just pulling down the taste of everything else surrounding it when you use that crap in the rolls and sashimi and sushi you serve it with. So please stop looking at sushi eaters who know better like they’re crazy when we ask if you use real crab meat or imitation crab meat. We’re not asking because we like imitation crab meat. We’re asking because we hate that shit. So do us all a favor and give us a choice between imitation crab meat and real crab meat. Sushi is already expensive as it is. Making us pay a buck more for real crab meat isn’t going to piss us off nearly as much as you continuing to pretend that you’re doing us all a favor by forcing that crap on us.

So, please. Cut it out. You cheap bastards.


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