Five Guys is famous for its hamburgers. And for good reason. They’re delicious. The burgers themselves are always served up hot and juicy. The toppings are fresh and prepared to perfection in just the right amount. Plus, you can get extra toppings, free of charge just for asking. And the bun is the perfect handle for all that deliciousness. Yes, the hamburgers at Five Guys are what got me to part ways with my money the first time I gave them a try. I ordered the fries because, well, why wouldn’t I? That’s what you order with burgers. So, after placing my order I didn’t give the fries a second thought. After a few minutes of waiting for my order, I picked up the brown paperback containing it, noticing that the serving of fries they handed me was way too big for the cup they came in. I thought to myself, “Man. That’s a lot of fries. I sure hope I can eat them all.” And then I tasted them. To say I was surprised at how good they were is a huge understatement. These fries are amazing. I won’t go on an endless diatribe trying to describe how they taste. Much like the Grand Canyon, you simply have to experience them yourself to know just how insanely good they truly are. I will say this. They are seasoned perfectly, served piping hot and made with the potato skin still on them. And as for being worried about not being able to eat all of them? Well, let’s just say that after scarfing each and every one of them down, my only wish is that I had more of them to eat. If you’ve had them, you already know this. If you haven’t, just wait till you do. You’ve been warned.

Mmmmm, tasty.

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