People say Happy New Year at the beginning of every new year, as if to try to cover up what the actual true meaning is behind it. That true meaning? Well, that is best summed up by just calling what it is: A do over. Another 365 chances for you to finally get your shit together and show the world that you do in fact have some modicum of self-respect to be the man you know you have it in you to become, if you’d only pull your head out of your own ass and manifest your manly glory. So Happy Do Over, Chief. Now get out there and show me something. Because I don’t want to have to post this little ditty again at the beginning of 2018. But I will.

Much like your man meat when you drain your vein, what you do in the next 365 days is in your hands. Unless you’re not packin’. Then it’s in your hand.

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