Is nice, yes?


I am an unabashed carnivore who occasionally uses fruit and vegetables to chase meat. And while I understand completely why people become vegetarians for health reasons, or to protest the cruelty done to animals in the process of getting them from farms to kitchen tables, I will never be convinced that people do it for the taste. Why? There is simply no possible way anything can compare to the taste and satisfaction of meat. I’ve had delicious vegetarian dishes and eaten at some of the finest vegetarian eateries in the country. And while some of those experiences were memorable, none would make me forget my love of meat. Not as long as there are Ribeyes. And Veal. And Chicken Wings. And Schnitzel. And Ribs. And Ham. And Hamburger. And bacon. Did I mention bacon? God, I love bacon. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing whatsoever against vegetarians. I LOVE fruits and vegetables and all manner of non-meat goodness – when teamed up with meat, of course.


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