If the room’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.


If you’re in a relationship with someone who has no desire to have sex with you and you KNOW it’s NEVER going happen ever again, and you finally decide to get it somewhere else, what do you call that? No really. What’s the term for that? Infidelity? I think not. Infidelity implies that you are having your cake and that’s not good enough for you, so you want to eat it too. The trouble is, there’s no term for what it’s called when you’re NOT getting it at home and you decide that before your equipment dries up and falls off – that you have to get it somewhere, so you do. What’s a term for that? I have a suggestion: Outfidelity. It makes perfect sense. After all, unless you’re FWB’s your nanny, your baby sitter, or the cougar next door, you have to go out to get it. And, added bonus, when someone (like your “significant other”, for instance) asks if you have participated in infidelity, you get to say you would NEVER do such a thing.


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