Nothing-Is Free-trick-or-treaters

I sure hope you washed your grubby little hands before you reached into my bowl.


It’ll be Halloween in a few nights and as such, I’m reminded how poorly of a job our generation is doing of raising the next. What I’m referring to, is how kids of this generation seem to be oblivious to etiquette and manners and respect.

It’s like they feel like the world owes them something and worst, that because of that, they think the world revolves around them. I don’t blame it on them. That’s not a biological trait. It’s learned behavior from parents who are more concerned about being liked than they are about being good parents.

I mention all of this during Halloween, because I’ve noticed in recent years that many of the trick or treaters who knock on my door often don’t say thanks after I’ve handed them candy. And it’s not as if their parents weren’t there to make sure they showed their appreciation.

Sure, a few parents have reminded their kids to say thanks, but that was the exception rather than the rule. So, to all you parents of the kids who don’t say thanks for my generosity and that of everyone who has passed out candy around the country on Halloween, I hope you realize that it’s really a poor reflection on you more than it is on your kids.

Further, that being the case, I hope you choke out on the candy you pilfer from your kid’s tally tonight after they go to bed. Serves you right for being a bad parent and a candy thief.


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