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Ask any man fortunate enough to have one and he’ll surely tell you that his Man Cave is one of his most valued possessions in life. After all, a Man Cave is one of the few remaining places on earth where a man can really let loose and be himself on his own terms. It’s also one of the very few places that a man has all to himself, where he can truly get away from it all – without actually having go anywhere.

I for one can tell you that few things in life are more satisfying or rewarding than the peace and solitude my Man Cave affords me. It’s a place that allows me the well-earned reward of easing back, relaxing and enjoying some gratuitous, guilt free, full on, pure, unadulterated instant gratification, anytime I like. A place where I can scratch any body part I like as often as I like, do whatever I like, as often as I like, where I can wear whatever the hell I like, anytime I like – even if it’s nothing at all. A place where I can make any bodily noise I like, as often as I like, as loudly as I like without fear of reproach, ridicule, or retribution, whether if be out of necessity – or just because.

In between the nonstop orgy of sports, movies, TV shows and video games I enjoy within its manly walls, my Man Cave also gives me plenty of time to pause and reflect – which, being a thinking man, I tend to do often. It was during one of these times of manly introspection, that I came to understand the deeper meaning of my Man Cave and what it stands for in the bigger context of what I consider to be the three defining pillars of Modern Manly Men: Masculinity, Manliness and Manhood. Indeed, there’s a lot more to my Man Cave than my giant flat screen TV, Next Gen gaming consoles and my state-of-the-art surround sound setup.

Contrary to what you might think, my Man Cave is not just all fun and games – not by a long shot. My Man Cave is also a symbol. As such, it’s a constant reminder of why masculinity, manliness and manhood not only matter, but why they are so crucial to the survival of all mankind. You could say that my Man Cave is to me, as the Bat Cave is to Batman, the Bridge is to Captain Kirk and the Fortress of Solitude is to the Man Of Steel.

To sum up – if my castle is my home, my Man Cave is my throne. Understanding this and knowing the current sorry state the male half of our species is in, my Man Cave has lead me to the startling yet undeniable revelation that as a shining beacon of Modern Manliness, it’s not only my duty, it’s my calling to put my Man Cave mojo to good use on behalf of all mankind.

How? By encouraging men who don’t know any better to embrace their innate masculinity, manliness and manhood – even if that means that at times, uncensored, unbridled and unapologetic tough love is in order. And by reminding those who have lost their way to rediscover the simple joys of being the kind of man they were meant to be. And, perhaps most importantly, to ensure that all men realize that Masculinity, Manliness and Manhood are what really separates the manly men from the girly men.

As men, we should all embrace this simple truth head on, with no regrets. One only need look around to see how in popular culture we as men have been emasculated almost to the point of no return to know that there’s a hell of a lot of so called “men” out there who sure as hell need it. And, so, it was, with this spontaneous moment of lucid and overtly manly clarity that Musings From The Man Cave came to be.

Now I invite all men who wish to reclaim their seat at the Roundtable Of Manliness that is Musings From The Man Cave to come on in – the water’s fine. From this day forward, I urge you to join me in my mission to take back what is your God given birthright:

One big step for manliness. One giant leap for manhood.


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