I love football, but I hate Fantasy Football. Here’s why. This season was my 3rd year playing. The first two years, I had a losing record. I sucked and the other guys in the league tried to convince me that because of how many points I scored, I was still having a great season, even though I was losing. Throughout the season, I was either first, or second in point totals. Great, right? Uh, no. This is the part where I tell you that our league wasn’t based on point totals. It was all about how many wins and losses you get. Then there’s the fact that the guys I play with neglected to tell me about the waiver wire. Then, this year, we switched to a point league, and of course, this year my team went 10-3 in the regular season. So I made it to the playoffs for the first time and played against a guy who was 4-9. And he beat me in the first round and I was out. Just like that. I know. I know. It’s just like the actual NFL. One and done. At least in the NFL, you get to knock the hell out of your opponent. Too bad you can’t do that in Fantasy. Then it really would be Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football my ass. More like Nightmare Football.

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