This is a sure sign you’re about to get screwed. Two or three times. With no lube.

April 15th is Tax Day and unless you’re living off the grid in paradise somewhere, where you’re independently wealthy, or socking away stacks of off the books cash away in some off the radar, offshore account, that means it’s time, once again to tally up, pony up and pay up. The thing is, if you’re really paying attention, you realize you’re not just paying taxes on April 15th, you’re paying taxes more often than not. Sales tax on things you buy. Payroll tax. Property tax. And what you pay, pays for a shit ton of costs you would not willingly pay if the choice were up to you. You know, like Congress’ salary,

the president’s salary, politician’s ridiculous lifetime pensions, their healthcare, their Secret Service protection. I’m sure I’m missing other ways we’re all taxed out the yin yang, but you get the idea.


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